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There is a reason that you’re logging-on to this web site… You may have stumbled across it while surfing the net; or you might be one of the many officers who I have flagged-down in the field and you decided to check us out. We are glad you did. Let me encourage you to bookmark this site and come back to it often. There’s a lot here for you. From our Law Enforcement Section’s Tactical Studies to our commentary and photos… it’s all here to be an encouragement and a benefit to you. We would enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to email or call anytime. Be safe out there, and keep in mind that there are many individuals and families who truly appreciate your good work and who regularly pray for your safety.

The calling for one to serve in Law Enforcement is God-ordained. When officers feel the calling but do not personally know the One who called them into His service, problems begin to surface which create the statistics unique to Law Enforcement officers. God’s Word has the answers. We’re here to help you find them.

Please pray for the safety of our officers, firemen, and EMS personnel as well as for our military serving worldwide. Freedom does not come without a cost. As you hold your cursor over Bible references the text of those references will appear in a box. For example, hold your cursor over Romans 13:4 to see what God’s Word says about Law Enforcement Officers!

Free 2012 LE Edition of the Public Safety Leadership Series Audio CD:

Contact us for your free copy. CD contains a round-table discussion with questions answered by several seasoned officers and Chaplain Tim Sherman, who is a former officer himself. Topics include Handling Stress, Distractions, Burn Out, Family Life, and the value of a Biblical Chaplain for a personal resource.

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Preventing Law Enforcement Suicides


<-- Click on Brochure for more information For the past 70 years the criminal justice system in the United States has relied upon the theories of psychology as the basis for a variety of treatment and rehab programs. The growing offender population, the multi-billion dollar commercial industry called treatment, and the increasing suicide rate all tell us that the theories of psychology are simply not working. Why should we believe it has the answer to LE suicides when we continue to see our fellow officers take their own lives three times as often as they are killed in the line of duty? ยท Are we using the wrong tool? Click on the brochure for more information.

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