What They’re Saying About the Set FREE! Program

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The following comments are just a sampling of the unsolicited comments have been received from offenders and instructors about our Set FREE! Treatment Program.


“I am aware that I will be receiving my certificate and maybe a Bible… These things are nice, but the true reward was receiving all those valuable Lessons! I feel blessed because I have a greater knowledge of God’s Word by completing the Set FREE! program than I otherwise would have obtained by going at it alone or frequenting church on Sundays in prison. Thanks to In PURSUIT!Ministries I can now distinguish between authentic teaching and false doctrine, which is important in choosing a church when I am released. I now have the necessary tools for survival and I know I’m going to make it!” – Inmate WB, MN Correctional Facility, Lino Lakes

“The teacher was great and the studies are even better! I’ve learned more about the truth this week than I have in six months at [popular and challenging in-patient treatment program originally for teens] and another 10 months in [another in-named ministry] out of Labelle Missouri! I am excited and hopeful now that I know I am growing as a believer!! True believer! You guys blessed me with the clear-cut, to the point teachings. Thank you so much!” – Inmate, MN Correctional Facility, St. Cloud

“I would like to thank you for helping me to understand God better and pointing me toward the root of my problem with addiction through salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you maintain this program so that it will continue to give genuine hope to those who seek it. You and your program have helped me more than you will ever know.”
– Inmate RD at State Prison in Faribault, MN

“I was born again 6/12/14 thru your “Set FREE!” program. I can’t believe how much Jesus Christ has saved a wicked man like me. The blessings he showed me [and] the prayers that he answers for me and the love he gives me truly changed my heart around. I used to gang bang [but] I dropped that, Tim. I don’t even use cuss words anymore! And I can’t stand the “N” word. Yes, Christ is real and I’m so happy that he blessed me with the knowledge, wisdom, understanding he has. He has been waiting for me Tim and I’m glad I finally came home! I truly say to you Tim, Jesus Christ honestly changed my life! Matthew 7:7-8!”
– Inmate DC at Ramsey County Jail, St. Paul MN

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to know God and for making me a new person! The “Set FREE!” program changed my life. Now I am walking closer with God and my relationship with my wife and daughter has improved. Before I started the program I did not know anything about the Bible. Now I want what God wants for my life. Thank you for the “Set FREE!” program!” -Inmate G.K., Dodge County Correctional Facility, Juneau WI

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this great opportunity! Your program has made such a difference in my life! Thank you so very much!” Inmate J.K., Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution, WI

“I love that your material doesn’t sugar coat anything! I need that! I need truth in my life right now. Thank you!” – D.K., Inmate MCF Shakopee, MN

“The Set FREE! Program has given me so much knowledge and understanding. I have learned so much since becoming a born-again believer! I look forward to maturing more every day and growing spiritually throughout my life on earth! Thank you!” – C.M., Inmate James River Correctional Center, ND

“First of all, thank you so very much for taking the time to grade each of my lessons and return them to me over the last few months! I have learned so much and feel as if my life has been saved. I am truly grateful to have taken the Set FREE! course and to have gained a wealth of life-changing truth! I worked very hard on this course and want you to know that I am serious about my future and my salvation. Thank you again.” Correspondence Set FREE! Program Inmate W.S., US Bureau of Prisons Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago, IL

“I have informed many men about your precious course! It helps a man dig deep inside himself to better his life. Your course is a major benefit. Thank you, and God bless!” – R.K., Inmate, Stanley Correctional Institution, WI

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I do enjoy the Set FREE! program. It makes me think and ponder about my life. I am learning much and building my relationship with the Lord, though words can not really express the feelings! I could go on raving about how much I like the Set FREE! program. Thank you.”M.M., Ozaukee Co Jail

“I no longer worry about tomorrow or the past and all the ‘stuff’ I lost. I now keep my eyes focused on the Lord and my nose in the Bible. . . . I love the Lord, I’m only sorry that it has taken Him all these years and all my time in and out of jails and prisons , chasing before I finally slowed enough to be captured by His saving Grace and washed clean by the blood of His son Jesus Christ.” T.C., State Prison, MN

“I am taking your program through correspondence in the mail. I wish they had it here. I think it is a very good program and I enjoy it alot!” Inmate B.L., Fox Lake Correctional Institution, WI

“Since starting the Set FREE! program in October I went from drinking over a pint a day to once a week or less. I have not been in a bar since December and I’ve accepted the Lord as my Saviour. I attend the Set FREE! program weekly and attend Sunday worship services. I’ve been reading my Bible (John, Acts, and Proverbs and I’ve just started Ephesians). It is my goal to be totally abstinent by the time I finish the program. I hope to graduate, continue attending the program, reading the Bible, studying, going to church, and to be baptized.” – Anonymous, Easthampton, MA

“Thank you for this wonderful study! I know it has helped me tremendously as I have grown in my relationship with Jesus. Thank you for what your ministry is doing.” – Inmate, Red Granite Correctional Institution, Red Granite WI

“The Set FREE! program is indeed a God-send for me! I can never thank you enough!… The Lessons have led me to understand the relationship between the law and God, which has never made sense to me before. I actually owe the Sheriff a great deal of gratitude!” – Minnesota State Prison Inmate, Rush City, MN 2007

“Where have you been the last 200 years? I have been through all the rehab programs so many times before, but this is the very first time I was ever told that drunkenness was a sin! I don’t have any excuse to relapse anymore! Thank you for telling me the truth!” Minnesota State Prison Inmate, St. Cloud, MN

Two days after escaping from custody, one inmate voluntarily turned himself in, telling the sheriff, “I’ve been so convicted by what I’m learning from the Bible in the Set FREE! classes that I had to turn myself back in!” – County Jail Inmate, Otter Tail County, MN

“Thank you! I think what you do for inmates [coming into jail to teach the program] is one of the most caring and selfless acts I’ve ever seen.” – County Jail Inmate, Becker County, MN

“Thank you so much for this course, sir! I take several courses from several different ministries, and Set FREE! is by far the best!” -Inmate, James River Correctional Center, ND

“In the past I tried to make myself believe that my voluntary prayer or Bible study or attendance in church alone was good enough. Now I know I had to be born again and to really love the Lord with my mind, heart, and soul! Thank you for teaching me this!” -Inmate, Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

“Thank you for your classes and your kindness and time to come help us all. I pray for you now with all my soul! This class has changed my life! Thank you so much!” – State Prison Inmate, St. Cloud, MN

“I am enjoying this program so much, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to participate. I am so hungry to learn and apply all of God’s truths to my life; these lessons are so inspiring! This is truly making a difference in my life and I just wanted to take the time to tell ya, thanks!” – County Jail Inmate, Ozaukee County, WI

“I think the Set FREE! program is very good for someone who can’t pinpoint why treatment centers haven’t worked for them. The lessons contain sobering information on the what, who, where from the Biblical standpoint on our sinful nature and how to subdue it forever.” -Hennepin County Inmate W.R.D., 2006

“I would like to say that the Set FREE! program has really opened my eyes up to who God really is. Only in one session I received something that I’ve longed for, and that is salvation! This is a program that I believe will change the lives of many men. I can’t wait for the next lesson!” – Hennepin County Inmate M.B., 2012

“I am writing this letter to thank you for the 12 lesson Set FREE! course. Through this special course I have actually learned how to forgive someone which I thought I never could or would! Praise God! What I have learned from the Set FREE! course will help keep from going back to my alcohol idol. Thank you for working for God to give all us inmates at the HCADD [Hennepin Co Adult Detention Division] a chance to understand, learn, obey God and to receive the special gift of Eternal Life through faith and trust in Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.” – Hennepin County Inmate B. M., 2006 Recommitted his life to Christ.

“I learned a whole lot about myself and about God through the Set FREE! program. One of the most important things I began to realize was that my church was not teaching the truth. When I get out of here I am going to find a church that does!” – Inmate, Hennepin County Adult Detention Division

“Thank you for your prayers and the Set FREE! Packets! I learned a lot from them and I look forward to sharing them with my daughter.” – Hennepin County Female Inmate R.M., 2006

“What I have really learned from the Set FREE! program is how God created us and what He expects for us to do. I learned that Jesus died on the cross to have our sins to be forgiven. God and Jesus love me. I have learned a real lot of good things about the Bible. Thank you, Set FREE!, for giving the lessons to me. I thank Jesus for saving me and helping me to learn more and more about Him, my savior.” – Hennepin County Inmate B.M.H. 2006

“From the very first Set FREE! lesson I studied, I began to understand things about my addictive behavior. Through this understanding, I gained a perspective on taking responsibility for my charges I face in court and how to begin taking steps to change my life forever! Thanks Set FREE! – Hennepin County Inmate D.B., 2006


On two separate occasions, inmates who had partially completed the program in different jails were brought before judges for sentencing and were given credit for time served and ordered released from custody. These two inmates asked their judges to add an additional two to three weeks to their jail sentences so they could finish the program! Both requests were granted!

Inmates B.D., K.W., and M.D. had each been through a religious “Encounter” program for inmates just a month before beginning the Set FREE! program. At the end of Lesson Two, as a result of the clear and simple presentation of the Gospel in the Set FREE! material, they all realized they were not really saved according to the Bible. That day they each placed their full faith and trust in Christ as their LORD and Saviour and were born again!

M.J. says he grew up “with religion stuffed down [his] throat.” Seeing the lack of any power of it in his parents’ lives, he rebelled. After serving hard time in prison he ended up in a county jail where he began attending the Set FREE! Program. He trusted Christ for salvation after the first lesson! “It showed me what I had never seen [in my parents’ lives] before: a relationship with Jesus!”


“Thank you, Tim! Ninety to ninety-five percent of my students state that they are born again but have definitely not been following their Lord and Savior. Through the Set FREE! classes that I conduct here in the jail they gain a renewed mindset and heart, and I can see a noticeable difference by the 2nd to 3rd week. Those who are currently unsaved are beginning to ask more questions and their saved cell mates are witnessing to them with the understanding that God does the saving. It is so awesome and what a joy to see how they have repented and some have even begun to witness to cell mates who are unsaved and invite to our class. Several will even have mini Bible readings in the open areas of the jail in order for the guards to hear the Word of God.” – P. Newton, SF Instructor Crow Wing County Jail

“The staff tells me it is the most requested program this prison facility has ever had.” – Marshall Tousignant, SF! Instructor at MCF St. Cloud, MN

Set FREE! is a great program that Chaplain Marshall conducts. Guys are zealously attending the program and it is, in fact, the most popular religious program here.” – Chaplain R. Joseph Hobson, Sr., Religious Resources Coordinator MCF-St. Cloud

“Just an update from Thursday night class – 7 attended with 2 raising their hand for salvation. The [disruptive] student from the first time he attended class a few weeks ago has settled down and is soaking in the Word. He said the reason he likes this course over other Bible studies is the fact that its 100% Scripture based. I talked to him while he was waiting to get frisked and he told me he had ‘walked away from the jailer’ earlier that day instead of getting into a yelling contest… He said he remembered what was taught in the class about controlling ones anger.” SF! Instructor, Ramsey County Jail, St. Paul, MN

“Brother Tim, I teach a total of four sessions of Set FREE! each week between three different jails and I have to tell you that three men who recently finished the course were released from jail and are all now baptized and attending our church regularly! One other man, a retired school teacher with five DUI’s, told me that if he had only had access to this program many years ago, he would not have even had received his first DUI! Praise the Lord! The Truth is powerful! God bless your work, brother.” Pastor Will KI., Fon du Lac, WI

“Hi Tim, God is making things happen in [our] county. We’ve maxed out the room the last two weeks with 20 guys, a new record. We’ve been running in the teens consistently the past 8-10 weeks. And today, I prayed with three men who accepted Christ. This brings the total number of professions this year to a dozen. Praise God! Tim, I wanted to share with you that the Lord has blessed the Jail Ministry so far this year!!! Recently 18 men came to the Set FREE! Program, and six men made professions of faith — praise God! The men just kept coming in waves. Nearly every chair was occupied. About six guys were returnees. Before I closed in prayer, I said: ‘If any man wants to leave here today knowing that they’re on their way to heaven, just stay after a few minutes and we’ll pray with you so that you can have that assurance.’ Six men came to the head of the table and [prayed]. Two men had tears in their eyes. – A deputy had shown up a few minutes prior to get the men back for lunch, but he was kind enough to let us pray together. – Another blessing: A couple more of our faithful participants need completion certificates… Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this ministry. May God bless you in your travels and your ministry. – Kevin, Instructor in the Twin Cities Area, MN

“I would just like to take a moment to express my appreciation of In PURSUIT! Ministries for making available the Set FREE! chemical abuse program to our community. I have seen it have wonderful results for truly helping folks in our community.” – D. Caleb Olson, M.Ed., L.A.D.C., Becker County (MN) Human Services CD Counselor

“As Chaplain at the HCADD, I am so grateful for this course. The insight that God has given you, and your ability to put it across boldly, resonates with the inmates. The Set FREE! program is the most attended program in our county Jail; Over 200 inmates currently take the course at any given time. I walked into a jail quad last Monday and they were lined-up waiting to sign up. God has really used this course to open the eyes and change the thinking about a lot of things. One inmate told me it has changed his whole quad! I don’t know the hearts, but the Lord does! One whole quad of inmates signed up for the program today! Praise the Lord!” – Chaplain David Whiteford, Hennepin County Adult Detention Division, Minneapolis, MN

“Tim- Just thought I would e-mail you and tell you about our first Set FREE! class at our County House of Correction. We had twelve men sign up to attend the class, but eighteen men actually came. One had to leave early, but the rest of the seventeen men listened and followed along attentively. What a blessing to see sixteen of these men receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Looking forward to next weeks session!” – Pastor Ken Jones, Milwaukee, WI

“The straightforward approach of the “Set FREE!” program is right on target and obviously blessed of God.” – Chaplain/Pastor Joseph Roets, Wahpeton, ND

“Thank the Lord for this program you have put together. It is so good, and these girls [female students] seem to really understand the common sense of it as they go along and the Holy Spirit starts to lead in their lives.” – Chaplain B. Arfstrom, Waseca, MN

One of the things that I am deeply grateful for is the ministry that Set FREE! has opened to me, my wife, and others from our church. Yesterday we had the privilege to minister to 14 people (10 men; 4 women). Of the 10 men, 5 have made professions of faith in Christ as a result of the program. One of them is 24 years old. He has spent one-third of his life in prison. He wrote on one homework assignment that he had never prayed or even thought about God before attending the Set FREE! program. Now he is half way through completing the program and is a believer in Christ. Praise God!!

In the 208 consecutive weeks we have taught these classes in our jail, we have had contact with a total of 358 men and 175 women, with a total attendance of 2,296 inmates (1,628 men; 668 women). Many have attended multiple times! Where else, how else could we have had such an extensive ministry? Thank you again for being an instrument in the hands of the triune God to birth this ministry. It has been our ticket in and the track we run on!” – Dr. Sam Telloyan, Albert Lea, MN

PLEASE NOTE: Our Certificate of Completion of this program is not a guarantee or declaration of any participant’s successful rehabilitation because we can not read a person’s heart. It does, however, certify that the individual has successfully completed the Lesson content and homework requirements of the 12-Lesson course of instruction and that the individual has been exposed to the Truth necessary to experience complete and permanent rehabilitation, should the individual decide to receive, embrace, and engage that Truth in his heart and life in a sincere and genuine born-again relationship with Jesus Christ (John 14:6; 2 Corinthians 5:17).