The Set FREE! Program

Set FREE! Celebrates 14 Years!

The first Set FREE! class was taught in the Otter Tail County Jail, Fergus Falls, MN, on April 1, 2003. We are excited to have issued over 2,500 certificates of completion to county, state, and federal inmates all across the nation since that date. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a Program Synopsis. You may also Click Here for comments from past students and our instructors.

Some Facts:

· 85% of all inmates in jails or prisons are there because of a drug or alcohol addiction or related lifestyle, but 100% of people everywhere have a sin problem which enslaves their lives!

· As a national average, more than 80% of inmates released from a jail or prison end up returning to custody within one year of their release.

· Habits which enslave and control people are not limited to drugs and alcohol. The Set FREE! program is also effective in treating such problems as anger, gambling, theft, pornography, deceit, selfishness, hatred, bitterness, worry, depression, unforgiveness, and fear.

· Not everyone who is controlled by these things will end up in jail, but Satan, the Enemy, uses these things to steal, kill, and destroy those for whom Christ died to set free!

· The only effective and lasting answer to these enslaving and controlling behaviors, attitudes, substances, and activities is a changed heart through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

The Set FREE! Program

Part I: Life

Lesson 1: The Divine Creation; How Did I Get Here?
God Sovereignly Created You!

Lesson 2: The Divine Purpose – Where Do I Belong?
In Full Submission to Him!

Lesson 3: The Divine Destiny – Where Am I Headed?
Heaven or Hell: You Decide!

Part II: God

Lesson 4: The Divine Person – Who Is He?
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer; Three in One!

Lesson 5: The Divine Passion – Does He Care About Me?
Enough to Die for You!

Lesson 6: The Divine Plan – How Can I Know Him?
Personally, Powerfully, Positionally!

Part III: People

Lesson 7: The Divine Given Authority – Who’s In Charge Here?
God’s Civil Government

Lesson 8: The Divine Given Order – Where Do I Belong?
Right Here, Living God’s Way

Lesson 9:The Divine Given Duty – How Do I Assume My Place?
Practice Sanctification

Part IV: Life Application

Lesson 10: The Divine Purpose – Please God
In Honest, Sincere Obedience and Truth!

Lesson 11: The Divine Proof – Serve Others
Love One Another as Christ Loved Us!

Lesson 12: The Divine Hope – See Eternity
Be Saved and Eternally Secure!

The Set FREE! program is a dynamic delivery of Biblical Truth in a lovingly- confrontive, straightforward approach to all forms of addictions, wrong attitudes, and wrong actions or behaviors. It can even be effective in dealing with PTSD and other forms of stress.

We provide this program free of charge to selected local churches to facilitate in their communities at no charge. (Interested in teaching this program? See “Application to Use Document” which includes our positons on doctrine and separation.

The program is also available through the postal mail or via email for individuals who may live in areas where we do not have any current classes or instructors. Note: A special version entitled COPS Set FREE! is available for law enforcement personnel by appointment only. All appointments are one-on-one and are completely confidential and are free of charge.

Click Here to view some comments we have received from past students and some of our instructors across the nation.

Our program does not attempt to blame-shift or otherwise minimize personal responsibility for ones actions; nor do we attempt to provide an excuse to classify people as “victims” for their irresponsibility, which are underlying themes commonly found in typical “treatment” programs. The Set FREE! Program applies the following three fundamental Biblical Truths to addictive behaviors of all kinds. God’s Truth is the only thing that will set one “free indeed” (John 8:32)

1. All addictions to behaviors, attitudes, and substances happen first because of our willful decisions to commit the sin in the first place. The root of the addiction is spiritual!

Certainly this applies to substance and alcohol abuse and their related lifestyle activities such as theft, burglary, assault, and lying, for which approximately 85% of all inmates across the nation are incarcerated; but it also applies to anger, fear, worry, deceit, hatred, immorality, sexual deviance, and a host of other actions typically associated with “compulsive behavior.” The bottom line is that people choose their behavior and are responsible for it, but when they choose to sin, they become its literal slave (John 8:34).

2. The Lord Jesus Christ, the only Living God revealed in the Holy Bible, is the only “Higher Power” Who can truly change our hearts and free us from our spiritual slavery to the sin.

While the majority of treatment programs will tell their clients to call on anything from a toaster oven to a doorknob as a “higher power,” the Bible clearly reveals exactly Who God is in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:9, I Timothy 2:5). To invent a “God as we understand him” or to elevate anything or anyone as a “higher power” other than the Lord Jesus Christ is to commit idolatry and to miss the mark entirely. There is no power to change the human heart apart from complete submission to the Lord Jesus Christ in a born-again relationship (John 3:3, John 8:32;36).

3. God’s Word alone is the final authority in all things pertaining to life, faith, and Truth: not man’s wisdom, psychology, medical science, philosophy, religion, or religious tradition. These things only keep men in spiritual blindness and the slave hold that sin has over us because they do not contain the Truth.

For the past sixty years the criminal justice system in America has depended largely upon secular humanistic psychology and man’s “wisdom” to treat addictive behavior and rehabilitate criminals. If these things work at all, then the evidence would be obvious, but the evidence is strikingly to the contrary.


The Bible says that those who commit sin become the slave to it. The great news is that Jesus Christ came to set you FREE! (see John 8:36) so that you never have to return to the sin and “relapse” ever again! You don’t have to be labeled a “recovering…” addict or alcoholic for the rest of your life, even if you stay clean and sober until the day you die! (Click Here for comments from a few of our instructors and clients)

Contrary to what many popular treatment programs will teach you, true freedom from the slavery and bondage to sin is possible!

Because our program correctly identifies and targets sin as the root cause of all enslavement to any substance, habit, attitude, or activity, its effectiveness is not limited to helping drug addicts and alcoholics but is also targeted to treat individuals who struggle with gambling, pornography, theft, anger, control, deceit, fear, prejudice, hatred, bitterness, and other such compulsive issues and behaviors.

Not Another 12-Step Program!

The Set FREE! program is not a “12-Step” program. It is a fundamentally Bible-based voluntary ongoing 12-Lesson bona fide intense out patient treatment curriculum. Set FREE! may be conducted in jails, detention centers, state prisons, and federal penitentiaries; but it may also be conducted in local churches as a community outreach to the public and to case referrals submitted by county chemical dependency assessors, high school guidance counselors, group home staff, and others simply by word of mouth as a truly Biblical alternative to the numerous treatment programs currently available.

While other treatment programs focus on stopping the behavior, Set FREE! focuses first upon the salvation of the eternal soul. Once a person’s heart is changed in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the behavior will change.

As an ongoing program, Set FREE! was specifically designed to accommodate new students at any Lesson in the 12-Lesson continuum and incorporates the local Church as the aftercare entity to which the client should then become accountable.

Some Features:

Each Lesson discusses the sin/dependency relationship

Each Lesson teaches Biblical doctrine

Each Lesson presents the Gospel with a personal challenge and invitation to trust Christ as Lord and Saviour.All Scripture references are fully contained in the material and are in the KJV

By design, students may begin at any Lesson, cycling through the 12-Lesson continuum until the program has been completed, eliminating any lengthy waiting periods

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a personalized certificate of completion. The Set FREE! program is a tremendous local church tool in reaching lost souls for Christ in over 85 jails and lock-up facilities across the United States and in several foreign countries. Please contact us if your church would like to use this material or if you are a jail/prison facility which would like to have this program added to your regular weekly program schedule.


Set FREE! is a comprehensive program of intensive out-patient treatment therapy from a completely Biblical perspective.

Lessons 1-3 identify the fundamental root of all controlling and enslaving behaviors. The entire curriculum stresses personal consequences and responsibility for individual decisions, refuting the notion that anyone else is to blame for our actions.

Lessons 4-6 deal with how to change behaviors.

Lessons 7-9 teach the concepts of authority, obedience, and proper interaction with other people.

Lessons 10-12 are lessons in life application which address methods of maintaining a dependence-free lifestyle by commitment to life-long aftercare and recognition of triggers which could potentially lead to relapse.

For court-ordered clients, the Aftercare Plan includes specific methods and strategies to follow for optimal outcome based upon the foundational principles of the Set FREE! program.

COMPLETION CERTIFICATE: The Certificate of Completion which awarded to those who complete the program is not a guarantee or declaration of successful rehabilitation because it is impossible for anyone to accurately read another’s heart! It does, however, certify that the individual has successfully completed the Lesson content and homework requirements of the 12-Lesson program of instruction and that the individual has been exposed to the Truth necessary to experience complete and permanent rehabilitation, should the individual decide to receive, embrace, and engage that Truth in his heart and life in a sincere and genuine commitment in a born-again relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:3, John 8:32, John 14:6).

Note: Because original certificates are expensive and often are misplaced, damaged, or stolen in correctional settings, original certificates will not be mailed to individuals who are currently incarcerated in correctional institutions. Currently incarcerated individuals will receive three certified copies of their certificate of completion for proof of treatment. Such individuals may provide us with the name and address of a trusted third party if they wish to have their original certificate sent there. Otherwise they may contact us upon release and we will be happy to send them their original certificate. We will make an exception to this policy for inmates who are serving life sentences without parole. To receive your original certificate upon your release from custody, please call us.

There is no charge for the original certificate. Duplicate original certificates cost $5 each.

24/7 Toll-Free: 1-866-336-9030