The Urgent Need in Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is a calling ordained by God Himself.

For Officers who do not personally know the Lord in a born-again relationship , the job becomes an occupation which chews up and spits out most of its personnel in under ten years. It is the responsibility of the local church to minister to these ordained ministers of God’s institution of civil government (Romans 13:1-7).

One of the most effective ways is to reach out via Biblical Chaplaincy Training. By faithfully presenting the Truths from God’s Word about the profession of Law Enforcement, the Biblical Law Enforcement Chaplain can dramatically affect the statistics cited below and improve morale and productivity among officers who choose to use his services. (Romans 13:1-7)

He can be a trusted confidant who will provide sound Biblical advice and direction in a wide variety of areas. (See Biblical LE Chaplain’s Duties)

Officer Deaths:

· Line of Duty Deaths: 1 every 52 hours

· Suicides: At least 1 law enforcement suicide every 17 hours. LE Suicides can occur anywhere, regardless of the size or geographical location of the department. We lose three times as many officers to suicide as we do line-of-duty deaths…


· The average “seasoned” officer has been married at least twice


· The average rookie officer will leave the profession within six years

· The average officer who retires after 20 years will die within six years after retiring

· 95% of officers involved in deadly shootings will leave the job within five years if proper intervention is not made


You don’t have to convice most officers that people are basically evil. (Romans 3:10) They already know that. They see it every day. Many theories point to poor education, poverty, and population density as the causes of crime. But the Bible says that sin in the human heart is the fundamental root problem in all people. And because the sin nature is within every human being, virtually everyone is seen by the law enforcement officer as a potential “enemy.”

Of all professional groups in America, Law Enforcement Officers hold the highest rates of suicide, divorce, addictive behavior, and stress-related diseases. These statistics, when compared with those of civilian professional groups, are nothing short of epidemic, and they are relatively uniform across the nation (per capita) regardless of the size of the department.

A primary cause of these statistics is the officer’s constant repeat contact with a growing criminal element made up of people from every social and economic level of society.This confronts the officer with the stark truth realization that the potential for criminal activity exists in virtually every human being. Everyone is a potential enemy to Law Enforcement!Constantly dealing with such stress takes its toll on a human being.

The Reality:

This creates an us against them mentality in the hearts and minds of a very large number of officers who see society unraveling at the seams and do not know why; yet they feel it is their responsibility to hold the forces of evil and crime at bay. Living with that kind of stress takes its toll on human beings. The badge is indeed a very heavy thing to carry at times.

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