What They’re Saying about our LECC Training


“This course exceeded my expectations in quality and in content. I was not sure what to expect from this program coming into it, but I am certainly pleased coming through it and beyond. Law Enforcement and the Prison/Jail Systems are arenas in desperate need of discipleship efforts given the cynicism and detachment those lifestyles stereotypically promote. People in these fields are desperate for a Savior (as are all people) and don’t know it, and need to be led courageously, not pointed indifferently, in the right direction. I would be willing to write a letter of recommendation even though my preferred mode of communication would be in person or over the phone so that people could fully sense my sincerity and excitement about this course!”
Retired Police Chief S.B., Wesley Chapel FL

“I would like to say that the training was excellent and I learned a lot in the week of class. This training was everything I hoped it would be and more. I think the best part is that you back all of your material up with a biblical foundation. The manual is definitely a great resource. Thank you so much for yielding to God and His call on your life, and for sacrificing your time to train Chaplains.”
-Police Patrol Sergeant C.H., Missouri

“As a law enforcement Chaplain, I found the LECC training week to be very valuable. I have done weekly ride alongs and attended numerous training events on various disciplines of a police chaplain in my six years as a police chaplain, but this course is the most thorough I have experienced to date. The emphasis on the Chaplain as a minister and as a Gospel witness was excellent. Over time, it is easy to lose sight of this primary duty to the Lord as a Chaplain.”
-Pastor Ron Hemsworth, Police Chaplain, SCPD

“There is a great need to minister to law enforcement in the spiritually dark place in which I live. After researching many chaplaincy training programs, the Lord lead me to the In PURSUIT! Ministries site. I have felt a real peace about this training. You are definitely not a Chaplain certification mill! Since entering the course, many opportunities for ministry have opened up at my church with the possibility of ministry in a correctional setting.”
-Dr. R.T.C, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for the well-rounded informative class; the video clips, your encouragement and leadership, and your ideas to broaden ministry to even the wives of officers!”
-R.D., Chetek, WI

“The required ride along scratched the surface regarding what officers face in their careers, but the Chaplaincy Training I received from In PURSUIT! Ministries gave me excellent tools and information which will enable me to be effective in reaching the hearts and souls of these courageous people.”
-Former Corrections Sergeant S.P., California

“Chaplain Tim Sherman professionally and enthusiastically presented the Biblical Law Enforcement and Corrections Chaplaincy course. I have been using the Set FREE! material in my local jail and it is a blessing to see men come to faith in Christ and changing their lives, even after only one lesson! My desire is for God to use me to be a light in [the lives of law enforcement officers] in this dark world and to make a difference in the lives of the lost.”
-T.D.G., Milwaukee, WI

“I have to tell you, my preconceived ideas regarding psychological counseling [for officers] following a [critical incident] trauma have just been completely shattered! This was an area where I felt quite competent, but the LECC class rattled my belief system right to its foundation, and gratefully so! Your class helped me define my goals and personal expectations. It has indicated where some of my attributes can best be used; and, just as importantly, it also [revealed] the areas where I need to grow and improve in order to more fully serve the Lord.”
-D.P., Des Moines, IA

“I think it was so important to have been prepared for [resistance to the presence of a Chaplain] as I just envisioned that the Law Enforcement Officer would have embraced the concept of a Chaplain; but so much judgmentalism from the outside community, and poor Chaplain witness and ethics [from generic “police chaplaiin groups”] have unfortunatley set their expectations of a chaplain as being judgemental, weak, and condeming. I believe that through the study of your LECC training manual, I was able to bear good witness, and made the officer at ease on my first ride along and I was invited back [to ride again]! Your study manual was very accurate. I have been offered a position with the Sheriff’s Office as their Field Chaplain, and I am presently going through all the background check. I will be going through the state P.O.S.T. certification for Chaplains at the expense of the Sheriff’s Office to be their official Field Chaplain in March of 2009; and I have an upcoming appointment to meet with our local Chief of Police to possibly become the Field Chaplain with that department as well!”
-Chaplain J.B., Monroe County, GA

“I think that your [distance option] course is excellent. I have read books on corrections ministry, and these were good for the most part; but there is something about interacting with the material in the format that you have it set up that makes it stick. I have been very pleased with this course. The only thing I would have enjoyed more would have been being able to attend your class [in person] and interact with you on the material.”
-Chaplain J.T.B., York County, ME

“I wanted to share with you the tremendous job you have done with the Biblical Chaplaincy Class. In forty years of preaching I was unaware of the needed mission field right in our own back yards. All of us are impacted in one way or another by law enforcement. You have brought that awareness to our churches as well as the need of Biblical Law Enforcement Chaplains. Your desire, expertise and burden for this type of ministry must be made aware to all our churches. I am asking the Lord to give you at least one person from each church to take this program. The local church, the community and especially law enforcement personal will benefit. As you have taught us, law enforcement personal face many struggles, burdens and pressures that only Christ can address. We have the answer; we have the Word. Now all we need is more men to take up the call from each church to do their part.

Thanks again for opening our eyes and hearts to this much needed ministry. Each black and white we see is a mission field and waiting for God’s servant to minister to them. Keep up the great work.”-Pastor Dennis Chapman

“My name is Tom Jones and I’m a Chaplain with a local southern California police department, I have been working with law enforcement for approximately nine years as a Chaplain in an unofficial capacity for a couple of departments and two years officially for another. However, my knowledge of how to treat several of the many afflictions that officers face or encounter on a daily basis needed improvement, and I thought I would find what I needed in the Chaplain training program they offered. I was not disappointed.

I have gained so much through this program and have added new tools to my proverbial tool belt as it were and have found this program to be very valuable to my (God’s) ministry. I would highly recommend this course if you have a heart for police officers or simply want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the inmates, then you need to take this course. Don’t try to wing it, make a wise decision and take the path that God has prepared for you. Many man hours have been put into this program and the blessings of God have been on their efforts. God created this program to give all who desire a ministry as a Chaplain the opportunity to learn from Chaplains that have been tried and tested and successful in their ministries. I belive God put this program here for a reason and that reason is so we can learn from other godly men that have been in the battle fi ghting for the souls of police officers and inmates that otherwise might not hear the gospel and perish.”
-Chaplain Tom Jones, La Habra, CA, Police Department

“I appreciated the great material from In PURSUIT! Ministries and want to encourage all who would like to become familiar with a much needed ministry, Law Enforcement, to take this class. It will definitely give you a burden for those who sacrifice so much to protect us and our families from those who do evil.” -Pastor M. Riley, Norwalk, CA

“I have been able to reference some of the information from the training manual in my contact with some of my sheriff’s department personnel and they have commented on the accuracy of what was taught in the course. I am very grateful for this training. It helps me to consider important matters that I may not have considered from an outsider’s perspective. As a pastor, I appreciate the regular admonition to those who take this training to work with and through their Pastor’s leadership and authority as the shepherd in the Chaplain’s life.”
-Pastor F. Humber, Summerville, OR

“This course has given me a confidence that I believe was lacking in my ministry to law enforcement officers prior to my taking it. I believe I am now much better equipped to minister to God’s ministers of justice.”
-Pastor G. White, Harlan, IA

“Each police ride along that I have had the privilege of going on left me most impressed with the [LECC] training I received. I carried the gear recommended, conducted myself as instructed in class, and found myself very comfortable with the officers. In return, they allowed me great freedom during the shift and seemed to believe that I was an old pro at this work.”
-H.M., Port Washington, WI

“Your chaplaincy training was fantastic! It was like a breath of fresh air after being under water for a long time. I would recommend your Biblical Law Enforcement and Corrections Chaplaincy training to any chaplain who truly wants to Biblically minister to their law enforcement and jail communities. As the Law Enforcement Chaplain for both the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office in our community, I have attended chaplain training regularly through other humanistic religious organizations. At best it was sadly disappointing and void of any Biblical attachment. Thank you for following God’s leadership in developing this much-needed training and for providing the resource manual that goes with it. The full impact of this program will not be realized until we get to heaven.”
-Pastor J.R., Wahpeton, ND

“This course was extremely helpful and insightful and was packed with an overload of information that prepared me to better minister to the law officers and inmates. Everything we learned in class seemed to fit with what happened on my first ride along.” -Pastor G. L., White Earth Reservation, MN

“I had my first call out yesterday with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. It went extremely well – thanks solely to the working of the Holy Spirit in the situation! A young man 18 years of age had drowned in a canal. There were about 60 family members and friends standing along side the road next to where the mobile command center was located. I met with the victim’s mother and two uncles in the command center. I then took the mother out to the edge of the canal, so she could see how swift the water was, and I prayed with her there. I encouraged everyone in the crowd to return home or to a central place where they could be comfort to the mother – out of the sun and wind, and off of the roadway. Within about ten minutes they all left the scene.

The Sergeant was ecstatic and used the words “outstanding” & “awesome” in regard to dealing with the family and the 60 people alongside the road – getting them to leave the scene. He said a Captain was on his way to thank me (I told him that was not necessary) and that the “higher ups” would hear about this and be pleased. I was able to free the deputies from having to take their time to deal with the situation along side the road. They had called the California Highway Patrol to assist with the crowd, but as they arrived the crowd was leaving – they couldn’t believe it!

It is incredible to see how the Lord gives wisdom in what to say at a time like this and to show the positive impact it made on the Sheriff’s Office. I think they are more convinced than ever of the value of a Chaplain.”-Chaplain D. Wilson, Alameda County, CA


“I will recommend this course to others who are interested.”

“Each chapter had a lot of useful ideas to implement in chaplain work. Some of my practical experiences in ministy helped validate some points in chaplaincy ministry.”

“I liked the specific focus.”

“I appreciated the class immensely. Very informative and useful.”

“Thanks, Tim! It was worth every minute of my time. Much more informative than I had ever dreamed. I’m leaving the class feeling prepared and confident that what I’ve learned I can use.”

“Very informative and, at the same time, the material was easy to grasp. This program will continue to be blessed by the Lord.”

“The class time was well spent. Even though the days were long, it was well worth it.”

“This class was much more than I ever imagined! Thorough in scope and very well presented.”

“Your experiences in life have made you uniquely suited for teaching the LECC. Your first-hand knowledge and expertise of all the subjects discussed made the course more vaulable, plus you expressed yourself in such a way as to make it easy for all to understand.”